If i was dating michael i’d call him gordon just to piss him off 

i wouldnt cause thats my fucking last name   wtf   

im in love with him   parks and rec   tv show   

i want to have a slumber party with dani, justine, and eliza. i want to give them hugs.

hellomylovely   mcgroot   lukeject   remember when danis url was inmilwardspants   

im tina always   bobs burgers   tv show   


when people say u look hungover and u are

i want to marry this guy   

emma watson   all emmas are good emmas   except that emma that made my life hell in grade 7   

lukeject replied to your post: i was just pouring myself a cup of cof…

I’ll pour tea for you when we’re married

can you just pour all my food for me because i make a mess literally every. single. day.



never let this die

hes so cute its embarrassing   im sweating   ashton irwin